Assessment & Feedback

GOFORWARD’s Assessment & Feedback solutions include the following steps:

Step 1: Clarify Goal & Approach–is the goal for the individual to assess strengths and gaps fully? Or explore a specific area of need? Is there a goal identified and agreed between individual and manager? What approach would fit this particular situation? Will the individual’s manager receive the written report of the feedback? Will the manager participate in any of the feedback discussions with GOFORWARD and the individual? These questions are best handled at the beginning of the assessment & feedback process; GOFORWARD will assist.

GOFORWARD provides 360 surveys, self-assessment tools, interviews, observation–multiple methods of assessing strengths and gaps of an individual or a leadership team. The specifics are identified and agreed early in the process. There are a few key concepts we stand behind:

  • a 360 assessment requires 5–12 individuals to provide feedback–any less is too limiting; any more is not necessary for this purpose.
  • 1, 2, or 3 well-selected instruments suffice; a large number of assessments tends to water down the outcomes.
  • If the organization has preferred instruments/assessments that work well, then GOFORWARD will be glad to use these with the individual. This approach could reduce cost and save time.
  • There are excellent 360 and self-assessment instruments available. We have a preferred list and are certified in several. We do not believe that assessment instruments need to have a high cost in order to be highly effective.

Step 2: Conduct Assessments–we use our own assessment instruments OR adapt to the organization’s process - depending on the situation. If conducting one-on-one interviews to obtain 360 feedback, this may be accomplished by telephone or face-to-face, as preferred.

Step 3: Summarize the Feedback–Verbally and in Writing–GOFORWARD will meet with the client–one-on-one–to provide highlights of the feedback. A review meeting with the individual and his/her manager can be scheduled also–if agreed in Step 1. A written report will follow. We provide feedback and recommended next steps–verbally and in writing–to the client. We believe in a balance of building upon strengths–as well as closing gaps.

Step 4: Follow up–We will follow up with the client–and manager if appropriate–at 2 months and 6 months following the assessment. Feedback often melds into coaching–for both the individual and the manager.

What Our Clients Say

June quickly translated her valuable corporate experience to our non-profit situation. She effectively lead us every step of the way in the development of a Strategic Plan, so that now we have a shared sense of organizational direction. June's broad skill set - ranging from the technical rigor in designing and interpreting a stakeholder survey to the professionalism and compassion she showed in coaching our staff through the resulting organizational change - positions her as a unique consultant for a small, dynamic organization.

-Dan McLellan, Leader, Durham non-profit organization

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