GOFORWARD’s Coaching process has 4 steps.  We will work with an individual or a small team to provide coaching solutions.

Step 1:  Match

It is critical to match coach and client – for the maximum benefit to the client. The client must believe that this coach will help to explore the issues and to find solutions, will not take over, will offer new suggestions for development, will follow up.  The client must feel comfortable with discussing sensitive topics with the coach.

Step 2:  Goals

Client and coach discuss goals of the coaching sessions – 1 - 3 specific goals.  This step may include input from the client’s manager and/or HR professional.  Typical goals include:  career path exploration, skill building in a specific leadership area, performance improvement based on feedback, preparation for new role or transition.

Step 3:  Explore and Build

Coach and client explore the topics related to the goals:  background, related experiences, key stakeholders.  Discussions typically range from 60-90 minutes.  We recommend that coaching sessions be held twice monthly initially – then every 3 or 4 weeks following. Total time is typically 6 months of coaching – with some situations continuing for up to a year.  Key stakeholders may be interviewed.  Self-assessments – or 360 instruments – may be used as well. Incremental steps to improve specific skills or to practice specific approaches are built into the process – continually.  goFORWARD’s approach tends to be action oriented.

Step 4:  Assess Progress

After 3 or 4 sessions, coach and client step back from the process to determine progress at this point – with the client determining whether to continue the coaching.  Progress toward the goal – is assessed often.  Follow up to coaching – at 3 months and 6 months – is built into the process. 

Key Point:

Note that all discussions, self assessment outcomes are confidential unless the client requests that the information be shared with a specific individual such as the manager or HR.

What Our Clients Say

June quickly translated her valuable corporate experience to our non-profit situation. She effectively lead us every step of the way in the development of a Strategic Plan, so that now we have a shared sense of organizational direction. June's broad skill set - ranging from the technical rigor in designing and interpreting a stakeholder survey to the professionalism and compassion she showed in coaching our staff through the resulting organizational change - positions her as a unique consultant for a small, dynamic organization.

-Dan McLellan, Leader, Durham non-profit organization

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