Leadership Development & Training

In the current environment of increased demands and reduced resources, we recognize the need to focus attention on those who lead the way–every day, every week, every month–to achieve organizational goals and objectives. We will partner with you to assess the development & training needs of leaders at all levels in your organization.  We have extensive experience in the design, development & delivery of programs to build skills and develop true leadership behaviors. 

Our programs are always interactive, skill-based, and individualized to the organization.

We believe that it is essential for leaders to build skills in the key elements of leadership - elements that become common threads at all levels in the organization.  If executives, managers and supervisors in the organization speak the same language of leadership, then the culture that you want and need for the organization will evolve. 

All of the leaders in your organization must solve problems; make decisions; engage staff; implement–and influence–strategy; resolve–and sometimes create–conflict, manage change; communicate up, down and sideways; build teams; and deliver on time, on budget, to expectation.  We work with all levels:

  • First-line supervisors–who must deliver, deliver, deliver
  • Mid-level managers–who must reach across lines, working hard to avoid the “throw it over the wall” syndrome–and who must deliver.
  • And, let’s not forget–senior leaders–who must create the strategy, obtain the resources, work to establish the culture, and–deliver.

To get started with GOFORWARD–in Leadership Development & Training:

  • We will meet with you to talk through organizational needs. If a full assessment is needed; we can conduct the assessment or help to design one that can be conducted internally. 
  • We will talk through the level of leadership that needs the focus initially: senior leaders, mid-level managers, first-line managers/supervisors. 
  • We will review our core materials, models and techniques with you–and agree areas of focus, models and techniques that fit the need.  Agendas and activities will be developed specifically for each group.  

Please note that our workshop evaluations are consistently very positive; we consistently receive requests to return to our clients.

What Our Clients Say

June quickly translated her valuable corporate experience to our non-profit situation. She effectively lead us every step of the way in the development of a Strategic Plan, so that now we have a shared sense of organizational direction. June's broad skill set - ranging from the technical rigor in designing and interpreting a stakeholder survey to the professionalism and compassion she showed in coaching our staff through the resulting organizational change - positions her as a unique consultant for a small, dynamic organization.

-Dan McLellan, Leader, Durham non-profit organization

Additional Resources

Featured Case Study

When this large organization recognized the need to lead in a whole new way, they worked with GOFORWARD to figure out a plan–and deliver results. We worked together to design the leadership strategy, set the goals, deliver the program, and assess the results. Now, there are better supervisors and most importantly, more productive, focused employees.

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