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Get in touch with our team to discuss how GOFORWARD can help you!

Get in touch with our team to discuss how GOFORWARD can help you!

The Big Picture

As 2011 came to an end, you may have been scrambling a bit to get projects completed, working towards meeting the goals and objectives set, using up what was left (if any) of your budget. You may have already started drafting your goals and objectives for 2012 – or maybe you are just now sitting down to review what worked (and didn’t work) in 2011 in order to focus on the needs of 2012.

Regardless of where you are, the beginning of the year is a time for reflection and direction. It is an opportunity to have a conversation with your team about the past year – what timelines did you meet? What kept you from meeting specific goals and objectives? What did you, as an individual, do well? What were your shared strengths? What are things that you could work on in 2012 based on how you worked in 2011?

It is also a time to engage your group in shaping the year’s vision, goals and objectives. What has to be done? What is set in stone by the organization or department? As a leader, what are my goals, objectives and expectations? As a team member – what do I hope to accomplish; what do I want for my company/department/team; what do I need from my supervisor and peers to help me accomplish my goals? It is a time to talk about the Big Picture – to understand and clearly articulate the VISION, GOALS and OBJECTIVES for the organization, the department, the team – and linking all of the parts together. Discussing these things will help put everyone on the same path. Engaging and getting input from your team will help them shape the path and be ready to openly communicate when the inevitable obstacles arise.

From all of us at GOFORWARD, have a happy and progressive 2012!!!

What Our Clients Say

June quickly translated her valuable corporate experience to our non-profit situation. She effectively lead us every step of the way in the development of a Strategic Plan, so that now we have a shared sense of organizational direction. June's broad skill set - ranging from the technical rigor in designing and interpreting a stakeholder survey to the professionalism and compassion she showed in coaching our staff through the resulting organizational change - positions her as a unique consultant for a small, dynamic organization.

-Dan McLellan, Leader, Durham non-profit organization