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Get in touch with our team to discuss how GOFORWARD can help you!

Get in touch with our team to discuss how GOFORWARD can help you!

Working Through Change

GOFORWARD is winding down a project where we helped a small, growing bio-tech organization plan and work through a major reorganization. Throughout the project there have been lots of decisions - big and small, along with formal and informal communication, then changes to previous decisions and communications. And the many, many details to attend to. My observations -

Awareness of the change curve matters. The stages, the emotions - that change is a process that is worked through in personal terms. This training helped managers and employees alike.

Key messages need to be aligned with the decisions and actions of management or trust breaks down. This can happen in big and small ways. Keep alignment by checking in with those who will give you honest feedback.

Bringing mid-level leaders into the decision making process as early as possible pays off. Better decisions, more buy-in, helps to head off missteps.

The impact of change is relative. What seems like a minor shift to senior management can cause a great deal of stress down the line. More experienced employees who’ve been through previous changes can offer perspective to others on the team - identify these folks and ask for their help.

There have been lots of learnings - it’s been an intense and interesting project and we’re thankful for the opportunity to help a valued client work through change.

What Our Clients Say

June quickly translated her valuable corporate experience to our non-profit situation. She effectively lead us every step of the way in the development of a Strategic Plan, so that now we have a shared sense of organizational direction. June's broad skill set - ranging from the technical rigor in designing and interpreting a stakeholder survey to the professionalism and compassion she showed in coaching our staff through the resulting organizational change - positions her as a unique consultant for a small, dynamic organization.

-Dan McLellan, Leader, Durham non-profit organization